Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

I have what I consider the best gifts of all: two children that I am proud of.

Some parents are focused on financial success: "My son's a doctor!"

In spite of some very painful teen years, my daughter is someone that makes me feel like a good father.  She is a social worker, providing counselling primarily to teens.  She is also on-call for a problem about which had never thought.  Police officer finds a situation where a child may be at risk in the wee hours.  Is the situation so serious it requires immediate removal, or can it wait until morning?  Call in a social worker to evaluate.

My son, unlike many other millennials, ended up with a useful degree (Communications) and is not living in his parents' basement.  (This is good; we would have to dig one.)  He is self-sufficient and advancing in his career managing web content.

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