Friday, June 9, 2017

Washington Tax Payers: Your Money is Well-Spent

6/6/17 Heat St describes the Evergreen State College course catalog
This coming fall, for example, you can take a number of classes that count as biology, but actually aren’t biology at all. They include, as the Daily Caller found, Reproduction: Gender, Race and Power, but also Dancing Molecules, Dancing Bodies, where you’ll use the art of dance to communicate with your body and understand the chemical processes within.
If that’s not up your alley, perhaps you would prefer Actions and their Consequences, which will “examine local, national, and international policy issues of the postcolonial and neocolonial world in education, health care, social welfare and environmentalism” through a series of “interdisciplinary” lectures. That class will eventually gather and design “projects to address issues of unequal distributions of power.”
If math and economics are more your style, there are plenty of social justice-tinged options for you. Advocating for Sustainable Culture is considered a math course (you even get to do field trips!), as is Dimensions for Inequality and Options for Change.
And lest you think you’d have to abandon your progressive politics for a class in something seemingly objective, like physics, fear not! Under the “physics” catalog offerings, there’s Defending Mother Earth: Science, Energy and Native Peoples.
That last one is described in the catalog as:
Fields of Study
chemistry physics writing
Preparatory For
chemistry, physics, Native American studies, environmentally-related fields, and science education.
Whatever merit there might be in such a class; a real chemistry class would make a more sensible prerequisite.

I am beginning to think that the strategy of Dissenter colleges in the 18th century is the way to go. Oxford and Cambridge were limited to Anglicans, and taught a very traditional medieval education. Dissenter colleges soon started teaching sciences and engineering.

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