Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rising Sea Levels

I am working on my notes for teaching Western Civ in the fall, and I noticed:
•In places that didn't have flowing streams or dams, there was wind, and by the High Middle Ages, windmills are widely used for grinding grain and pumping water—especially in the Netherlands, where sea levels rose about five feet between 300 and 1000 AD, flooding many areas.
This came out of the textbook, so I went looking for other sources about rising seal levels for that period back when evil mankind was burning oil in vast quantities and otherwise abusing Gaea.  Here's what I found:
In 1954 a special issue of the Dutch journal "Geologie en Mijnbouw" appeared about "Quaternary changes in level especially in the Netherlands". Below are two figures, viz. by Van Straaten en Bennema, taken from this issue. They show that already in 1954 the first 'smoothers' and 'wigglers' regarding sea level rise were present. :
You may have to click to see detail, but indeed there is about 1 to 2 meters sea level rise in that period.

Remember: every real scientist agrees that climate change is anthropogenic.

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