Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cultural Appropriation

6/8/17 Bloomberg has a marvelously entertaining description by Megan McCardle of a French interpretation of American food:
“It’s the bread,” said Pascal, my dinner companion, when talk turned to the strange things that happen to burgers when they venture abroad. Pascal, a great lover of American food, turned out to have given the matter of burger structure and form a great deal more thought than I ever had. “American burger buns are slightly sweet, which you never find here.” They are also spongy, soaking up the meat juices until burger and bun meld into a nearly indistinguishable whole. European burger bread, in my experience, keeps fighting for its separate identity to the very last bite.
The whole article is worth reading for her criticism of the whole "cultural appropriation" idea of the SJWs.

If my wife makes Thai food and tacos for guests who don't like Thai, is that "multicultural appropriation"?  Do we get extra points for "multicultural"?

Great comment over there:
One of my worst foreign food experiences was finding "Philly Cheesteak" on a menu in Glasgow. It was a slab of meat on a Kaiser roll with a pat of cheddar cheese. This was the Philly equivalent of conducting a Catholic mass with Tostitos and Fanta instead of bread and wine.
I am sore from laughing at the comments below that one.

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  1. Having had a Mexican food dinner prepared by a Chinese chef in a Japanese owned hotel restaurant in Bandung, Indonesia with my manager from India while "Dr. Zhivago" music from Russia performed by a German orchestra played in the background, what can I say?