Friday, June 30, 2017

Not Headed Back to Alaska Anytime Soon, But Interesting Article About Bear Spray


1. Bear spray may be overhyped as an a deterrent.

2. Some experts say bear spray plus gun.

3. More likely to die in a motor vehicle accident in Alaska, than bear attack.


  1. Bear spray would be extremely effective on antifa thugs, so naturally it's banned in CA for that use.

    Never had any problem with bears. Antifa & left-wing thuggery is something else entirely, and all too common these days.

    What happened in Cudahy, CA:

  2. Since the likelihood of stopping a determined big bear before it can kill you is rather slim. I say the the purpose of a bear deterrent like a handgun or spray is to mark the bear that killed you, so when the rangers go to find and kill the bear they know they got the right one. A paint ball gun would probably work out just as well, but it doesn't make me feel better. I would prefer a shotgun loaded with slugs in bear country.