Friday, June 16, 2017

Not An Assault Rifle

News media reporting baseball shooter used an assault rifle.  No, an SKS, not included in any law defining assault weapons because not a detachable magazine.  But why expect accuracy from mainstream media when they can run fake news.

To their credit, CNN has corrected their story.

Most fake news outlets are still insisting it was an M4.


  1. So the early reports of an AK-47-style weapon were erroneous except insofar as they used the same bullet.
    They'd try harder if it were misidentifying an Italian super car, and a later retraction wouldn't be considered adequate.

  2. Reports stated that he reloaded several times and fired more than 50 rounds. Clearly he must have had detachable mags to do so. Some versions of the Norinco SKS were available that utilized detachable banana mags compatible with the AK-47.

  3. My experience was that reloading an SKS from stripper clips was pretty fast.

  4. Lots of "news" reports say that the weapon used was a "high-powered" rifle.

    I don't consider the SKS a high-powered rifle, or the 7.62x39 a high-powered round. But then, I don't work for the #FakeMedia whose mission seems to be: 1. encouraging violence, and 2. banning guns.

    Of course if I were to be shot by one, then there's no doubt that I would change my mind! Prayers to Rep. Steve Scalise, who I hope enjoys a full, and speedy, recovery.

  5. Mine, too. Besides, in Illinois, can one modify an SKS to accept detachable magazines?