Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Have You Noticed? The Party Claiming the Russians Manipulated Our Elections...

Is the one that manipulated the Democratic primaries to keep Sanders from getting the nomination?  Projection.

I am actually pleased with the results of what they did.  Sanders might well have beaten Trump.  Even some conservative Christians I know would have done so, out of distaste for Trump (which I shared).  Think of all the "ponies for everyone and an economy built around unicorn flatuence" crowd who voted for Stein and other third party candidates.


  1. I don't think Bernie would have beaten Trump either. The Dems can't win with upper-middle class liberals. They have to bring along Blacks and Hispanics in large numbers. Do you see them getting enthusiastic about a kooky old white Jewish guy? I don't. Hillary lost because she couldn't turn out that demo like Obama could, and Bernie would have fared worse.

  2. Bernie Sanders is of the John Frum school of economics. Like the New Guinea native with cocoanut shells over his ears sitting in a grass hut who thinks that making airplane noises brings cargo, Sanders and his followers think that calling the exchange of money a market will bring widespread prosperity.

  3. Sebastian: probably right. I have little confidence in voter rationality.