Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pants Shopping

I went pants shopping Saturday morning.  For many years I have bought Target's Merona brand casual pants.  As I arrived at Target, I suddenly remembered that they are now LGBTarget, having spat in the face of half (or more) of America by allowing customers to use whichever sex of restrrooms they were feeling like today.  The ensuing boycott cost Target vast amounts of money, including mine.  Of course, another reason I switched was that Target has been aiming its stores increasingly at younger customers because everyone knows that millennials living in Mom's basement after completing their degrees in Gender Studies, Gaea Worship, and the like have far more money to spend than older adults.

So I drove over to Wal-Mart which sells essentially the same pants under their George store brand name.  Probably made in the Third World sweatshop.  Cheaper, slightly, than Target's Merona label, and the fabric feels slightly thicker..


  1. I wore Merona khakis for many years, until Target stopped carrying them in my size. (My waist had, over the years, increased to 44", Target had carried 44", and then suddenly stopped.)

    I ended up buying pants online, until I went low-carb and lost 85 pounds in less than a year. None of my pants fit, and I had no idea what size I needed, so I went to Gander Mountain and found that I rather liked Columbia's Ultimate ROC pants. And that I needed 38" waist.

    I'm still buying my pants online, but they're almost always different colors of Columbia's Ultimate ROC.

    I wish I could say that I'd been boycotting Target because of politics, but the truth is I abandoned them because they stopped carrying what I was looking for, and never went back.

  2. Target often had only one or two in my size 36x30. I know that I am fatter than I should be, but this isn't exactly grossly obese.