Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weird Dream: Viking Delivery

ScopeRoller makes a surprising number of sales outside the U.S.  I ship U.S. Post Office Priority Mail.  To Europe and Down Under, the Medium Flat Rate box is $66.20.  A few customers have cringed at the cost, but USPS no longer has a parcel post service; UPS and FedEx are even more expensive than Priority Mail.

Last night's dream: Viking delivery!  Unemployed Vikings delivering ScopeRoller products across the world!  (Keep your daughters and livestock inside if you order ScopeRoller.)

1 comment:

  1. I often send things to my family Down Under- and find that 1st Class Mail is often much cheaper, and usually just as fast (these days, everything goes by air however you send it.)

    The flat rate boxes never seem to be the right shape or size for the things I want to send, which is another problem.

    I DO wish they'd bring back the slow boat mail, it took three months for a package to get to Perth, W.Aust but it was incredibly cheap and there weren't any size/weight restrictions. No more, alas!