Thursday, January 12, 2017

Want to See Real Guts and Idealism?

Frontline Fighting: Battling ISIS (2015)

Follow three Brits who volunteer to fight ISIS as part of a Kurdish militia.  These are volunteers with no family attachments to the region who decided as one describes that ISIS is a threat to civilization and must be crushed.  The film follows them in an offensive to retake one region of Syria and destroy the ISIS headquarters on the top of a hill.  After several weeks of advancing and retaking villages from ISIS, the U.S. Air Force demolishes the ISIS HQ.  You can tell the volunteers are glad that the U.S. is helping (none of the European "powers" were doing so at the time).  These three Brits aren't the only foreign volunteers; there is also Kevin from Germany and Bob from Wisconsin (holding a sniper rifle like he knows how to use it).

Only one of the Brit volunteers had military service before joining up.  He also had a degree in Western Philosophy.  (Here, let me apply some deep thinking to your ignorance, ISIS).  For those skeptical of female combat soldiers,many of the Kurdish militia were young women, some only teenagers.  Of course, who has a stronger incentive to fight these savages?

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