Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Criminals Aren't the Only Reason to Carry a Gun

PHOENIX (AP) -- People flock to the Arizona desert town of Sedona for its tranquility and relaxation. But tranquility turned to terror after a rabid bobcat attacked residents and pets.
Authorities killed the rabid animal after it injured four people, a dog and a house cat in three separate attacks last week in Sedona.
And being injured by a rabid animal means very painful rabies shots.


  1. I've actually had to get rabies shots. The modern ones aren't so painful - about the same as a vaccination. They also give gamma globulin, amount based on your weight. I ended up on the initial visit with one shot of rabies vaccine, and 5 shots of GG! Then follow-up visits in (IIRC) one week, then two weeks, and then four weeks for one vaccine shot each time. This was back in 1993 or so.

  2. Yeah, the modern rabies treatment isn't especially painful. I've had a couple of patients that needed them

  3. I also had to get rabies shots in 2005, after exposure to a possibly rabid bat. The only painful shot was the gamma globulin. The vaccine shots were completely painless. There was a slight hazard - you had a very, very small risk of getting the always fatal CJD from the globulin, a disease very similar to mad cow disease.