Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Only Thing That Makes Being Snowbound Tolerable is Netflix

And now our ISP is down because of a power failure.

And our electric clothes drier has suddenly become very slow and ineffective.

Broadcast TV shows an avalanche warning for the town of Camas.

All of industrial civilization coming to an end!


  1. Gas fired clothes driers normally cost much less to operate than electric.
    BTW, check your drier vent line. All of it, especially the outlet. That could be blocked by something outside. Found a birdsnest in ours. The flapper got bent somehow, so the birds could sneak in by pushing it up a bit. 70 ft run(!), so it wasn't going to cook them. Legal limit is now about 6 ft.
    A chunk of snow or ice could be holding it closed, especially if it is a ground level vent.

  2. Is the exhaust vent for the dryer blocked by snow or frozen shut by ice?