Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How Many People Were at Trump's Inauguration?

Count them.  This CNN gigapixel image can be scrolled ans zoomed in incredible detail.  You can even see the snipers on some of the buildings.  Not enough detail to determine the weapons, though.


  1. How many? Fewer than there would have been if protesters had not been actively blocking checkpoints and transport, much fewer than there would have been if the protesters' plans to wreak havoc on transportation into the city had not been leaked and well publicized. I

    I'm not sure that the attendance figure matters at all. We've had the number that rode the Metro compared to previous inaugurations and rallies on the mall, but I'm still waiting for someone to report on the number of Uber rides in 2017 vs 2009 (oh, wait, Uber hadn't been founded yet...)

  2. It's quite revealing, isn't it- all the things President Trump is doing (e.g. XL pipeline, TPP, NAFTA, stopping Obama's giveaway to Paleswine, etc.) and what does the media choose to yammer about?

    How many were at the Inauguration! Yeah, right, that really matters, doesn't it!

    And today I accidentally clicked a link to a NYT article that immediately started with a lie, saying that it had been "debunked" that millions of illegal votes were cast giving Hitlery the popular vote. No evidence was presented, of course. It's written in the stars, and only the mighty NYT can decipher the message, which they present to us iggnurunt plebes out here in flyover country. Blech!