Friday, January 20, 2017

Light Bulbs: To Rep. Labrador

hen the Democrats controlled Congress, they prohibited sale of incandescent bulbs.  I don't have much use for incandescent bulbs; I have replaced most incandescent bulbs in my house with LED bulbs.  Still, the government should repeal the ban.  If incandescent bulbs waste energy, let the free market decide this issue.  The ban was just nanny-state government at its silliest.


  1. Edison's wonderful invention still helps me heat my home in the winter. This "ban" doesn't really amount to much, when the 99cent Stores, Walmart and Amazon all stock standard bulbs.

    Australia also banned them, more successfully; but I heard about some enterpreneur who was importing them there- not as lamps, heavens no! but as "heat globes." He reckoned that a 100W "globe" put off 100W of heat! Dunno how long he got away with it though- but I wish him well!

  2. Traffic lights in your area should still be incandescent. They require the heat output from them to keep snow from building up in front of the lenses. Lots of cities in snow country had to repurchase them after installing LED types and tossing the old style. This was done during warm weather, of course. Oops!

  3. I to have changed over to LEDS. But I still use the old bulbs to heat my pump/water treatmenr shed. Busted pipes suck.

  4. Will: I doubt these are 100W Edison base bulbs.

    Eskyman: The account I read about heat globes was in the EU, and they shut him down in a few weeks.

  5. I stand corrected, Clayton!

    I still think the ban is foolish, and "I aim to misbehave" when it comes to idiotic rules that the Nanny State thinks are necessary to keep us rubes in line.