Sunday, January 8, 2017

LED Bulb Efficiency

The electric bill showed a reduction from 56 KWh/day last year to 33 /day this year.  I don't see how this could all be LED gains, but I think I will finish the house.  This month because all this electric heating is going to be worse.

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  1. It appears portable electric heaters are your Plan B to propane system failure; what's the Plan C if you lose electricity? Might be time to consider adding a small wood stove.
    RE: cold showers - consider a Zodi; it burns propane in 1 LB bottles, so is problematic for indoor use. Lacking that, Amazon sells rechargeable battery-powered "camping" showers suitable for indoor use. Heating a 30-40 quart pot of water over a wood fire,wood stove, a camp stove, etc. and carried into the bathroom solves the problem.