Thursday, January 12, 2017

Headed Out to Buy Chains

Pricing is extortionate of course.  Just ordered 80 pounds of ice melt from amazon.  It is simply not available anywhere in the Boise area for 100 miles.

Amazingly enough, O'Reilly's, once in the store, were only $119 per pair.  Once chained up (improved design over the last pair I installed), we climbed the driveway easily.  We pulled the X-type (which has studded tires) out of the telescope garage.  Now we park it at our neighbors close to the old highway; drive to it with chained-up TrailBlazer, and do our errands in it.  Not as convenient as one car, but chaining and unchaining is a pain.

Also nice, O'Reilly's had ice melt available at a bit over a dollar a pound.


  1. The time to buy those things, like everything else seasonal, is off-season.

  2. I bought tire chains for my garden tractor from a couple of years ago. Price wasn't bad, I bought the "2-link" version with the cross chains spaced 2 lines apart. The garden tractor, a GE ElecTrak, now also sports a 110# weight attachment that uses 2 stacks of barbell weights. It's like a bulldozer when plowing snow.

    A friend told me that his Uncle plowed snow with a garden tractor, but it didn't work all that well. Dunno what his problem was, but mine works great.

  3. Try

    I have used them for trucks, cars and tractors.

  4. I saw ice melt at the albertsons at 17th & State yesterday morning

  5. And every time you go up and down on the driveway with the chains, the ice is slowly being chipped away.