Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Colt 1903/1908

You have probably seen this gun in many early 20th century films.

I have long thought this a beautiful piece of design work.  Colt has recently resurrected it.  I can't really justify spending more than $1000 for a gun that fires .32 ACP. and is a bit big compared to more modern pocket pistols, but it is a marvelous piece of industrial art.

There are non-firing replicas of many service pistols, like the M1911 and Browning Hi-Power.  The mechanical parts operate; the slide retracts.  I suspect they strip much like the real thing. Does anyone make such a replica of the 1903 or 1908 (the .380ACP version)?


  1. Bear in mind that those models are NOT drop proof. People have died due to dropping the original guns.

    Last one was someone in the gun industry (trainer?), a few years ago, that didn't use a holster. It dropped from his waistband/pocket(?) when he stopped in his garage to tie his shoe. Femoral artery was hit.

  2. Not surprised. I wouldn't buy one to carry; hence my desire for a non-firing cheap replica.