Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Plans to Embarrass the Left About Sanctuary Cities

His executive order directs that sanctuary cities are not eligible for federal grants, and provide a weekly report of crimes committed by illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.  I wonder how much the leftists are going to love what they find out about their illegal "guests."


  1. I'm inclined to WANT to believe that leftists will be embarrassed by those whom they support, but who do not live up to expectations.

    But in reality ... they will ignore the 'temporary lapses' of the folks they sponsor. It's not really a 'reality' issue. It's n ego issue. I've yet to meet a leftist who is willing to admit that his (or her) basic philosophy is flawed.

    Fortunately, my own philosophy is the perfect ideal.

    Whatever they're selling, I'm not buying.

  2. Clayton, you have a lot of snow where you live; and there's been a lot of snowfall in CA too this winter- but we have a lot more "snowflakes" here than you do there.

    Most of those precious special snowflakes, with their tough talk about resistance, are going to melt soon; and some may even explode, as their Federal grant money dries up and evaporates, and they find they have very few on their side when the money runs out!

    President Trump won't treat them like the Special Snowflakes they think they are, and I am so very much looking forward to watching them self-destruct, as I know they will! In fact, it can't happen fast enough for me! :-)

  3. I'm trying to be generous; they may learn with enough exposure to reality.

  4. I think the "phrase "sanctuary city" was not used enough in the past. The county in Kentucky where the County Clerk refused to issue same sex marriage licenses should have been known as a sanctuary county. Such an effort would have been shut down immediately by the media with all four paws, claws out, but it would have encouraged discussion of when and for what purposes civil disobedience was appropriate, and the limits of the Commerce Clause, Supremacy Clause, and the limits of the separate sovereignty of the federal and state governments

  5. Will there be a weekly report of crimes committed by citizens? (It's not science unless there's a control group.)

    As far cutting off funds for "sanctuary cities," I have a better idea: Let's stop the Federal subsidies of state and local governments in general. Such subsidies are a matter of taking money out of local economies, sending it for a wild night on the town, and then giving some of it back.

  6. Joseph:Good idea, but U.S. Citizens are not here unlawfully. We are stuck with that hazard.

  7. Windy: Cute idea, but not quite analogous. They are not protecting either straight or gay couples. The 14th Amendment largely destroyed federalism.