Saturday, January 28, 2017

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Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment
The 1986 Hughes amendment (as part of the Firearm Owners Protection Act) is an unconstitutional ban that limits law abiding citizens from owning fully automatic weapons that were manufactured past May 19, 1986. Select fire weapons are already very heavily regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act which requires you to register your gun and submit a tax stamp. Since 1934 there have only been 2 known homicides committed with a legally owned fully automatic firearm and one of them was caused by a police officer. This law does nothing to prevent crime and it raises the price of legal automatic weapons to a ludicrous price due to supply and demand. Repealing the unconstitutional Hughes amendment will restore our second amendment rights that have been under attack for a very long time.
Yes, I want an M3A1 grease gun at a reasonable price.


  1. Clayton, you don't want that World War 2 quick production (built by three ladies) from the GM Guidelamp division. You want a more expensive, and durable, Thompson. Skip the drum magazine, they never really worked for the gangsters. Stick with the standard mags and you'll be able to protect your Idaho acreage easily.

    I on the other hand await the day I can try and manufacture a FG-42 replica in .223. See if a change in cartridge will get rid of some of the original guns performance issues.

  2. Did the M3A1 have a reliability pRoblem?

  3. I'll have to sign this. The idea of paying as much as a middle of the road new car for a HK MP5 makes me support this!

    There was an auction in Boise last year that had a bunch of Ruger AC-556's (the select fire version of the Mini-14) and even those were in the ~$7K-$9K range!!!!!

  4. James: Nothing I can find online indicates M3/M3A1 had reliability problems.