Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Revenge of the Keyfinder

I put keyfinders on all the keys.  The TrailBlazer fob and key, which is the easiest and cheapest to replace disappeared, and its keyfinder is not beeping.  I've been through the entire house, all three cars, and nothing.  Is there a black hole entrance in the house that I never noticed during building?

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  1. What kind of keyfinder did you get? Most I've looked at show you on your phone's GPS where they are located, as well as making them beep when activated.

    If you got the kind that only beep when you activate them- it must be somewhere that the sound is very muffled. Whichever, good luck!

    (I lost my cellphone, thought I'd lost it at a shopping center; tried everything to find it, using a friend's phone to call it, but couldn't find it- until a week later, after I'd bought another phone. Then one day while I was sitting in my car, I received a call- on BOTH phones- and found it under & behind the driver's seat in a spot I didn't even know existed. Very frustrating!)