Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finally, We Know Why He Was Wandering Around Loose

Mr. Santiago’s family said he reported hearing voices and had other hallucinations, but said he was never given a diagnosis of PTSD. In November, he walked into an F.B.I. office in Alaska and told agents that his mind was being controlled by a United States intelligence agency.
“The delusions, the hallucinations are far more consistent with psychosis than PTSD,” said Dr. Donald C. Goff, a psychiatrist at New York University and a leading expert on schizophrenia. “So is the timing of the onset.”....
After telling the F.B.I. in November that his mind was being controlled, Mr. Santiago was taken to a civilian psychiatric hospital. The law prevents patients from being held involuntarily if they are not an imminent threat to themselves or others. Mr. Santiago was released after four days.
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  1. So far as I can tell his overseas service was as a support guy for an aviation unit, which means he probably never heard a shot fired in anger. PTSD? Don't think so.