Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lacks Self-Awareness

Instapundit pointed me to 1/9/17 The Week:
I love America. It's Americans I hate....
Unlike a lot of people, who had to try to make conversation with conservative friends and family over the holidays, I only know two confirmed Trump voters. One of them is from Texas and the other's a Marine, so they both have their excuses. I recently sent a text to the former woman, letting her know I wasn't going to meet her for dinner while she was in town because I considered her vote for Trump unconscionable. ...
My feeling has always been that if a religion or ideology has become more important to you than actual human beings, something may have gone seriously wrong with your values. 
You won' have dinner with a friend because she voted for Trump, but decry politics becoming more important than "actual human beings."

Yes, progressivism does seem like a mental illness at times, or at least an emotional defect.

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