Thursday, January 12, 2017

Studded Tires Losing Studs

I am beginning to think the TrailBlazer's traction problem is partly that some of the studs are gone.  Eagle Tire Pros pointed out that we were missing some studs.  I'm not keen on spending $600+ on new studded tires, but this may be the only real choice.  I just wish I had more confidence this would solve the problem as opposed to this just being a miserably bad winter with unusual levels of ice.  I know Boise is nearly impassable in many areas.  Many churches canceled Sunday services because of these conditions and many schools have been closed for days.


  1. $600 for studded snow tires? If that is for all 4, that's pretty cheap.

    The snow tires for our SUV cost about $250 each (Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV studded)

  2. I always thought tire shops could install replacement studs as needed.

  3. You may be able to find a tire shop that can install new studs in the missing spots. Pneumatic tool is used to insert them. They generally don't like to put them in used tires, due to debris filling the holes, which keeps them from reaching the bottom. Usually blowing them out with an air nozzle works ok.
    The other problem is if the tire is worn, the stud will protrude too far, which makes it easier to pull out. There were different lengths available, but my experience on the subject of studs is a bit dated. Worth asking about.