Thursday, February 4, 2016


I keep threatening to switch and this time I just might.  I tried to login to my turbotax account to find out when I would be receiving my software, and I could not remember the password.  Trying to reset it did not work, so I called Customer Support, an Indian who I do not think understand my request because he said they would have to install software on my PC amd that would cost $49.

A nice young lady (an American I am sure unless they are training Indians to sound black) got me online, but TurboTax's web page is a mess.


  1. You can use free software at It allows e-filing. It isn't fancy, in fact it is just the tax form itself in an e-format with some auto fields. If your taxes aren't complicated, it works well.

  2. Trust me, my tax returns are one of the strong arguments for simplifying the tax code. One year my federal return was 60+ pages.