Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Throw Away Your Antiquated Bronze Age Religion!

I saw this on infowars.com, which I generally ignore as whacko.  But when I went to the source and had it translated from Swedish, it seems to be accurate.

The Swedish Liberal party’s youth wing proposed legalizing necrophilia and incest Sunday during the group’s annual meeting in Stockholm.
According to the motion filed, two consenting siblings 15 years of age and older should be allowed to engage in sexual intercourse while sex with a human corpse should also be legalized so long as the deceased gave written permission prior to passing.
Speaking with Swedish news site Aftonbladet, Liberal Youth leader Cecilia Johnsson painted the move as a progressive step forward for the Scandinavian country.


  1. Not beastiality too? Reactionaries! Are they going to let Germany be the beacon of the world in this too?

  2. I assume the necrophilia is with a consenting corpse.

    Do they use a Ouija board or a medium to obtain the consent?