Friday, February 5, 2016

The Toshiba Again

It has been running fine. Now it is slow and glitchy again.  I actually paid to upgrade to the non-free version of Malwarebytes because the free version kept finding malware which I kept removing.  I know the PC hardware is fine.  Linux runs great.  Windows 10 ran great for a few days.  Now my wife insists on using my 10 year old HP clunker because it doesn't get glitchy.  Windows 7, pretty much all the same software.  What is causing loss of her sanity and all my free time?  There's nothing obvious lr strange running in the background and it is Windows 7/10 related.  Probably malware.  Why doesn't it show up on the clunker or my ThinkPad?

She wants a new PC, but I fear that the same problem will show up in a month or so.  It's Like Microsoft has no idea how to protect Windows from malefactors.

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