Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Perhaps We Won't Get to General Elections

Some of my survivalist friends are getting rather concerned about this:

Asteroid with ‘uncertain’ trajectory to graze earth on Mar. 7 — ‘It’s going to be close, real close’

Scientist predict trajectory from between 19,000 miles and 10 million miles with uncertainty

There is a lot of news coverage of this, all pretty confident that this might be a near miss or perhaps a far one.  Still, a 30 meter rock is pretty serious.  I am sure if there was any realistic possibility of a hit, Obama would be invoking emergency measures to disarm everyone to discourage idiots trying to shoot it down.  A 10 meter asteroid is Hiroshima sized energy release.  Something 30 meters is 27 times the mass (volume and mass go up with third power of diameter), so about .5 megaton.


  1. Well if it does hit the US should we pray it hits the DC area?

  2. 1/2 Megaton is a bit less than the Chelyabinsk incident or a few years ago.

  3. If they know when it will be closest, they know what potential targets will be available.