Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gun Stores Have to Perform Background Checks

So why are antigunners trying to prevent a gun store from opening?  From 2/10/16 Journal Online:

Cook County Chancery Court Judge Frank Valderrama dismissed a lawsuit yesterday (Tuesday) filed by local anti-gun activists aimed at stopping a proposed Niles gun shop and shooting range from moving forward.
The case was dismissed with prejudice on grounds that the plaintiffs, Skokie-based People For A Safer Society (PFSS), did not have standing to continue the lawsuit. The ruling means PFSS may not file an amended complaint in the Chancery Division of the Cook County court system, but could file an appeal to the state appellate court.
PFSS attorney Anthony Hind said that is exactly what he plans to do on behalf of the activist group.
Meanwhile, developers of the facility, Howard Partners LLC, said they are moving forward with construction. Development was halted after the lawsuit was first filed in October 2014.
Don't like guns?   Don't buy one.  Maybe Congress should pass something equivalent to FACES to protect access to gun stores and ranges?

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