Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Biathalon: A Realistic Olympic Sport

Most Olympic sports started as with some military origin, but I always wondered a bit about skiing and shooting. I was watching a series called Apocalypse: World War II, which colorizes archive footage then runs it in HD.  Very well done, and I wish progressives could see it and realize that we could easily be in the situation of France and Poland if they don't stop making excuses for Islam.  This isn't just an excuse to deny them gay marriage, free K-Y jelly, and free marijuana.

Anyway, at one point, they showed the Siberian troops going into battle against the Wehrmacht, skiing and shooting at the same time.  Not sure how effective they were, but it's like the cartoon of the barbarians coming over the hills riding grizzly bears.  Just watching it is scary.


  1. I think the Russian and Finnish armies have units whose task is to engage in ski patrols along the Russo-Finnish border.

    And, of course, keep their marksmanship sharp in their down-time.

    Those units regularly produce Biathlon competitors for the Olympics.

  2. Biathlon: also known as the Winter War event. Dunno about Soviet ski troops, but Finnish ski troops inflicted several major defeats on the Soviets in 1939-1940.

  3. It's a very, very tough event. I've done it. Imagine running a 5K almost full out and then stopping to shoot. It's tough to keep your breathing under control as you try to shoot, and if you miss and get a penalty loop it gets even worse.

    We used to have these events in New Hampshire, both summer and winter biathlon, but it was always hard to get folks from anywhere but nothern New England to show up. Nobody wanted to drive with a multi-thousand dollar rifle through Massachusetts and risk losing it. (Yes, I know they were supposed to respect the law on transport. But what they were supposed to do and what they did were two different things.)

  4. If I recall correctly, Biathlon was a demonstration sport in 1948 and became a medal sport in 1952. Originally Biathlon called for full-house battle rifle cartridges, and then that requirement was reduced to .22 lr.
    There was a proposal to reduce caliber again to .177 in an air rifle, but I don't know what action was taken. Why not laser tag?