Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Some of You Won't Be Happy to Hear This

I hope you can remember the words to use.  From 2/2/16 Reuters:

(Reuters Health) - As marijuana becomes more accessible to young and old alike in the U.S., researchers warn that long-term use of the drug may cause lasting harm to at least one type of brain function.

A new study based on following thousands of young adults into middle age finds that long-term marijuana use is linked to poorer performance on verbal memory tests...


  1. Brought to you by Colorado: http://elitedaily.com/envision/weed-tampons/1365684/

  2. They should have done a companion study in Silicon Valley. I'm told that MJ was one of the factors in driving the area to it's notoriety. That the place would be very different without it.
    I wonder if it works differently with people on the autism spectrum, like Asperger's Syndrome. That is real common in the area.

  3. Verbal memory. Is that like when a politician can't remember having said something?