Friday, February 5, 2016

If We Can't Ban Guns Well Just Drive Ammo Makers Out of Business

I can remember a time when liberal co-workers would think they were clever by suggesting banning ammunition if gun control was too hard.  (I was still a closeted gun owner.)  But this suggests that this is exactly what is starting.  Buy more ammo and why not from Lucky Gunner?


  1. Malware Bytes Premium doesn't find everything. From time to time I download and install Avast antivirus, run it then delete it because it finds malware and viruses Malware Bytes doesn't, but sucks up enough processor cycles in the background to slow the PC down. I wound up adding Spyhunter Ver 4, which is free to download and run and finds stuff both Malware Bytes Premium and Avast miss; it's free to download, install and run, but you'll have to "buy and register" for $40 to get it to clean up what it finds. I de-registered it because the "registered" version slows the PC down, too. Run it as de-registered, if it finds anything, re-register it for cleanup (once you've paid registration you can de- and re-register it for nothing), run everything again (Malware, Avast, Spyhunter) to make sure the PC is clean, then delete Avast and de-register Spyhunter.

  2. I'm not pleased by off-topic (and/or "vendor sponsored") posts. While I appreciate the basic premise that "banning ammo" is a sneaky way of avoiding Second Amendment rights, and I do think it needs to be discussed, I do NOT appreciate it when the upshot of the post turns out to be a commercial advertisement.

    Even more when the single comment seems to be another commercial advertisement for software.

    You have always seemed to be a "legitimate blogger", Mr. Cramer, but recently you have undermined your legitimacy by your "published" exhortation to buy from a specific vendor, and also by your acceptance of other commercial advertisements for software vendors.

    Stay on topic,please. Or just pay more attention to the ways in which your previously legitimate blog site has been prostituted.

    If I want to subscribe to new security software, it will be because I have defined a need, and have researched the best software product; not because you have become a shill (however unwittingly) for scammers.

    I'm not impressed by your admonition that "comment moderation has been enabled"; that proves that you have chosen to allow webads to infiltrate your website.

    Jerry the Geek

  3. Nosomo wasn't advertising. He was providing his experiences with solving a similar problem. Lucky Gunner was because they were sued in violation of PLACA a while back.