Monday, February 29, 2016

Some of You Were in California When Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Act Paased the Moron's Chambers

I have a recollection that some of the guns named were not actual guns, and some were not semiautos.  Remember which?


  1. ere is a list of guns according to the Roberti-Roos

    The Striker 12 would have been Short Barrel Shotgun and controlled under NFA.

  2. IIRC, one of the problems was they specified the particular guns in the law. However, they had some misspellings and incorrect models and manufacturers designations listed, so those mistakes voided them from enforcement. I think they had to redo the law later, to correct this. It had to be exact.

  3. The Amsel Striker (Streetsweeper) was banned, also any revolving shotgun made after 1899.

  4. Not sure what prompted this blog post, but there were a few arms that gun control activists believed existed but were not sure. They had taken many of the names from a gun catalog without checking if these were ads for future arms or arms already in production.

    The list sent in a previous comment is with the changes implemented in 1990 when they nearly instantly amended the list. They gave a story they were expanding the list, but the actual number of arms was reduced. One gun removed that actually did exist was the plainfield Machine-company carbine. That gun had been used by the simbianese Liberation Army in their LA shoot out. It also was a replica of the M-1 carbine of WW2, which the State had promised agri interests wouldn't be banned. So its quietly removed from the list.

    I'll check my files to see if I have an old copy still that I can scan. In 1999 they passed a new list with the new act of the same year. They also came up with a new definition, a high capacity firearm which didn't even have to be semi-auto. A lot of long barrel Winchesters suddenly were banned for a few years until they quietly removed/amended that section. My Henry lever action replica was registered under that provision.

  5. I seem to recall the original list also banned the CM-55 (or XM-55, depending on the source) single shot shotgun.