Friday, February 19, 2016

Latest Automatic Update of Thunderbird Does Not Work

Turn off automatic updating.  And I cannot find a download of 38.05, which worked.  Microsoft gets more and more attractive.

Curious.  It started working now back to this odd behavior.  Click on a folder (like Inbox) and nothing appears.  Right click the folder and Open in  New Tab, and everything appears there.


  1. Are you opposed to using webmail? Gmail is pretty sweet. You can use a normal gmail account and it can pull mail from other POP servers, or you can use Google Apps so Gmail is tied to your domain name. And you can add aliases for other domains, like Scope Roller.

    There are far fewer issues than you're having with Thunderbird.

  2. You should give the beta (not earlybird - a little too bleeding edge for me) a shot. It's up to 45.0b and works quite well for me. I moved to beta because my preferred theme, TT DeepDark stopped updating for the standard release. but the beta works fine.

  3. Whatever the problem was, it eventually cleared itself.

    I have a gmail account as well which I use for mailing lists, which often have problems with my email.

  4. If it happens again, look here