Thursday, February 4, 2016

A New Advocacy Group

It's no different from NAMBLA, just trying to break us free of adherence to a Bronze Age religion:
DENTON (CBS11) – An internet blogger who wants to “legalize rape,” announced on Wednesday night he was canceling a world-wide meet-up day for his internet followers.

Roosh Valizadeh made a posting recently that he supported the legalization of rape if it were on private property. Soon after posting about international locations where members were to gather on Saturday, Valizadeh posted on his blog the event was no longer happening.
Notice his name.


  1. I've read the original article, and Roosh's subsequent defense.

    Roosh was not defending rape, nor does he truly want it legalized.

    Instead, he posited an absurd hypothetical to illuminate some of the social forces that allow rape to happen; he was trying to show how to stop rape, or at least make it far less common.

    He suggested that among other effects, legalizing rape on private property would result in women:

    * Dressing and behaving more chastely in public.
    * Being more careful in selecting men they would go out with, and invite into their homes, or go home with.
    * Arming themselves (something he wholeheartedly supports in any case).

    In short, what he was really advocating was for women to take responsibility for their own safety, instead of insisting that they can dress and behave like irresponsible sluts, while holding men and men only accountable for any action that offends them.

    Related phenomenon: Women insisting that they are fully equal to men, and can do anything men can do--and then getting upset when men refuse to intervene when women are attacked.

  2. I'm familiar with Roosh and other PUAs (pickup artists). They are basically a branch of Internet Marketers who decided to sell men on the idea that they could convince any woman to sleep with them. The end result is the mass harassment of women not just in bars/clubs, but on the street during the day. Roosh himself advocates doing this in Eastern Europe because presumably because in richer countries the women aren't so vulnerable (and he's not particularly rich himself).

    Some of the PUA "gurus" might claim it's for entertainment purposes only, but some of them and their followers have been arrest/charged with rape and other crimes.

    Right now, Roosh's business seems to be more about driving traffic to his website. He or his writers post shocking articles to get attention. Feminist websites routinely link to him and give him huge boosts of traffic. The smart thing to do would be to ignore Roosh entirely, but the Feminist sites are too focused on generating outrage. Both are pretty horrible.

  3. How to make rape less common: Stop having radical leftists define it.