Monday, February 22, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton

I am less than thrilled with Trump's ignorance of recent history (still trumpeting the leftist lie that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq), but it increasingly looks like Trump will be taking on the Hildebeast in the general election. Sanders is apparently far behind Clinton and is going to get further behind.  Trump is rapidly cleaning up.
The GOP establishment is getting its nose rubbed in what it has done the last few years.  It is hard to be surprised; the business establishment wants those cheap, easily terrified illegals to drive wages down to $2/hour, and the the Department of Justice is actively trying to prevent states from requiring proof of citizenship to vote.  The political consultants who run GOPe spend too much time trying to make the GOP into Democrat Lite, presumably to keep up the supply of young girls and boys willing to submit.

Can Trump win the general election?  Sure.  Clinton has such a thin list of qualifications and such an imposing list of scandals. Can Trump be an effective President?  Not sure.  But until GOPe figures out that the masses aren't the ignorant knuckledraggers that they think we are, Trump and perhaps Cruz are the only choices.

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  1. I think Trump would be a horrible President, and that we are rolling the dice badly.

    Hillary guarantees the loss of our Constitution, at least for our lifetimes, as "living constitution" squirrels will dominate the court.

    Trump probably won't be much better, and his craziness could lead to all sorts of horrible things domestically and internationally.

    If Trump is the Republican nominee., IMO we are badly screwed. I wish folks who are voting for him would look at his character and his record, not just his latest statement. The guy is good at appealing to the large mass of properly frustrated and angry Republicans, but he is a fraud, a narcissist, and terminally ignorant.