Saturday, February 20, 2016


I have an ancient Sony camcorder (Hi-8).  It works well, and doesn't have the automatic 20 minute cutoff that many HD consumer video cameras now have to prevent movie theater piracy, so I am reluctant to give it up.  But the only analog to digital converter I had was obsolete.  (No up to date drivers.)  So I bought this, for $18.99.  It works pretty well.  Plugs in to USB 2.0 port and captures well.  Two gotchas: the software that does capture, ShowBiz, requires lense number to install, which I could not find.  It was on the back of the CD sleeve and the end of the box told someone more observant than me where to find it.  Other minor nuisance is that it did not capture video, but audio was fine.  Problem was that one of the settings specifies format and it defaults to PAL not NTSC.  Fixed that and it works.  Next step is to see if it can import into VideoStudio.

Yes, VideoStudio 9 captures directly from the device.

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