Monday, February 8, 2016

RAW Partition

Some day, my life will not be devoted to Toshiba.  A neighbor offered to reimage the Toshiba's hard disk from the backup hard disk.  He couldn't and did not want to admit it. He only plays games on PCs and could not imagine that there could be anything worth recovering.  Anyway, the backup drive is no longer NTFS partitions, but RAW partitions.  Worse than failing, he rendered the drive unreadable.  Anyone know how to fix this?

This product did it, for $69.95.  Does not make the disk entirely whole, but does allow you to recover all files on the damaged partition.

Someone does something for you for free, don't complain.


  1. Live boot something like System Rescue CD (Linux), use dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M of=/dev/sd[whatever, a, b, c...] to clear what's been done to it, add a count=1 if SSD so you won't be wearing down the flash memory, and then repartition using fdisk or any of the other partitioning utilities on it? Mark the first partition bootable, and assign them the NTFS partition id.

    If you like the layout, just do the latter, change id and make sure a big primary partition is bootable.

    To figure out which /dev/sd[abc...] to wipe, smartcrl -a /dev/sda etc. will query the disk about it's make, model, size etc. If you see partition numbers like /dev/sda1, those will be zapped when you clear the disk, /dev/sda refers to the whole disk.

  2. As an alternative, if you'd like to do something in Windows, I'd suggest EaseUS Data Recovery as a start. I've had good luck with that and it's fairly foolproof.