Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Which Horrifies Me More?

Several years ago I posted a link to a Marie Claire about how women in  L.A. were getting their anuses bleached because otherwise men wouldn't be willing to sodomize them.  But this is certainly another sign of the moral degradation of our society.  From Oct. 28, 2015 New York Post:

Women are getting labiaplasty to look good in their yoga pants

Suddenly Idiocracy seems almost like an improvement.  As a comment on this at Instapundit observes:

Sane culture: Cutting and stitching the clothes to fit the body.

Insane culture: Cutting and stitching the body to fit the clothes.

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  1. An increasingly the rest of us are forced to pay for these sick disorders via Obamacare and government agencies covering these procedures.