Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trump On Gun Carrying

In combination with his campaign's very strongly progun statements, this statement shows great courage against the MSM:
Washington (AFP) - Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he sometimes carries a gun to protect himself, after a spate of shootings at colleges ramped up debate about firearms in the United States.

The revelation is likely to spark a backlash from advocates calling for tighter control of guns, after three separate shootings at US universities or colleges this month left 11 people dead.

Asked why years ago he obtained a concealed weapons permit, Trump told the CBS program "Face the Nation": "Because I like to have myself protected."

Host John Dickerson then asked Trump: "Do you carry?"

"Sometimes," replied Trump, whose popularity has surged on the back of a series of bombastic comments on a range of sensitive topics, including immigration and gun control.

Why is Trump  so hated by many progun sorts?  Is it fear that he won't support same-sex marriage and therefore discredit himself with the left?


  1. I disagree that it takes great courage. There's nothing they can do to him. He's spending his billions having fun by playing politician, and the madder they get, the more attention he gets, and he loves attention.

    Whey is he hated by pro-gun sorts? Because Trump is utterly untrustworthy. There is no way to know which of his views are legitimate and which are said just for effect. His past is full of leftist positions. A guy who loves eminent domain and was a good bud of Hillary cannot be trusted to not "grow in office." Trump is the epitome of the loose cannon and may single-handedly destroy any chance we have to rescue our country from its ever increasing death spiral.

  2. Trump has a long history of supporting extreme anti-gun rights Democrats.

    When did he ever speak out for gun rights in the past? As far as I know, never.

    And I'd bet anything he was a big booster of Michael Bloomberg.

  3. I'm going to guess that it looks hypocritical. He's one of the *VERY* few who is legally licensed to carry in NYC. Rightly or wrongly, that smacks of elitism. When only the 1% of the 1% can reliably get a carry permit there, it doesn't seem reasonable to the vast majority. He's saying the right things, but it looks kind of bad.

  4. Dittybopper: I agree it would be better if he argued for and supported everyone having the right to get a permit. However, him having a permit is his right and surely him having one is not bad as you seem to imply because others don't have one.