Saturday, October 3, 2015

When Psychologists Indulge Mental Illness

Channel 5 KFSM reports on a way who wanted to be blind and now is:
RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina woman says she is happier than ever after fulfilling her lifelong wish of becoming blind.

Jewel Shuping, 30, has Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is a condition where able-bodied people believe they are meant to be disabled, according to Barcroft TV.

Shuping said that her fascination with blindness began when she was about 6 years old.

“By the time I was 6 I remember that thinking about being blind made me feel comfortable,” she told Barcroft TV....

In 2006, Shuping found a psychologist who was willing to help her become blind. The psychologist began putting numbing drops in her eyes, followed by a couple of drops of drain cleaner.

“It hurt, let me tell you. My eyes were screaming and I had some drain cleaner going down my cheek burning my skin,” she told Barcroft TV. “But all I could think was ‘I am going blind, it is going to be okay.'”

It took about half a year for the damage to take effect....

“I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” Shuping said. “When there’s nobody around you who feels the same way, you start to think that you’re crazy. But I don’t think I’m crazy, I just have a disorder.”

Like being transgendered.  Why would a psychologist not lose his license to practice for this?


  1. Snopes has a post on this story. Apparently there's only one source, and no corroborating evidence.

    The sad thing is it may very well be true. And in our current society, we just can't tell any more.

  2. There seems to be support for the veracity of this story based on a google search--many other news sources have picked up on it with lots of details and even pictures to back it up.

    Assuming it is true, then there is no morality or professional ethics in the psychology profession anymore if the perpetrator of this insanity is actually a license professional and isn't delicensed and regardless of licensing status charged with criminal offenses.

    However, the name of the "doctor" mentioned in these stories is apparently someone who lost their license for fraud already so the details may be false or at least perpetrated by a crackpot that is already operating without a license (or a full deck).

    Could there be a willingness to accept this "treatment" by the authorities since to do otherwise could jeopardize the transgender fad. One is left to wonder if the profession has stooped that low since they are now supposedly doing gender reassignment to anyone who wants it including pre-pubescents.

  3. I've been involved in family being forced to go to a psychiatrist simply because the doctors couldn't figure out how to help the physical problems. It appears that several psychiatrists and psychologists are sicker than the patients. Have found a couple that were great, but not the majority.

    If this is a true story then the psychologist should absolutely lose his license. The psychologists is mentally ill and sadistic.