Friday, October 16, 2015

More Evidence Madness Is Winning

Before sex-change surgery this guy's request would have been correctly seen as madness.  From Oct. 16, 2015 Daily Express:
A man who had his face and eyeballs tattooed to look like his pet parrots has gone a step further - by cutting off his ears. 

Ted Richards, 56, is obsessed by pets Ellie, Teaka, Timneh, Jake and Bubi and has his face tattooed with colourful feathers.
But the animal lover - who has 110 tattoos, 50 piercings and a split tongue - has now had both his ears removed by a surgeon in a six hour operation.

Eccentric Mr Richards has given his severed ears to a friend who "will appreciate them" and is now planning to find a surgeon prepared to turn his nose into a beak.

He said: "I think it looks really great. I love it. It's the best thing that has happened to me.

  If, as seems to be the case, child sexual abuse causes homosexuality, what causes this?

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