Saturday, October 24, 2015

Idaho Fish & Game: Nothing If not Inventive

Back about 1950, they wanted to seed beavers in the back country.  What better way than parachuting  them in.  Boise Public Radio has the story with pictures of the brave paratroopers.  And KIVI channel 6's report.

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  1. Hacker News discussion of this, including some funny bits. Best is probably:

    bernardom: It's the beaver equivalent of alien abduction. "They took me up there! I swear!"

    6stringmerc: Certainly does give them someting to chew on for the rest of their lives!

    Echoing another point made, the short period during which Idaho Fish & Game used this method is probably related to the fast pace of helicopter development at the time, although for me that then conjures up visions of air assault beavers rappelling down ropes hanging from a hovering helicopter ^_^.