Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Fake Hate Crime

From WDAZ in North Dakota:
A man who claimed he was the victim of a hate crime at a UND fraternity made the story up according to investigators.

Police actually said he should face charges for making up the allegations, but prosecutors say they won’t.

"It's a very relief for everyone," said Eric Hanson, a member of Lambda Chi Alpha

That's the feeling inside the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house after the Grand Forks County State's Attorney decided there was no evidence to support allegations of a hate crime....

During the month long investigation, which included identifying 150 potential witnesses, police determined Gisvold was not the victim of an assault or the victim of anti-gay slurs. There was a physical altercation, but police determined Gisvold instigated it.

“Throughout the investigation we looked at many different angles and many different things and we uncovered some of those details,” said Sergeant Dan Weigel with the University Police Department.
Gisvold's reports were so bogus; investigators recommended charging him with providing false information to police. However, county prosecutor David Jones decided not to file charges against Gisvold. He declined our request for an interview, but provided a written statement.
One of the reasons that I started blogging these fake hate crimes is because they are very common and are used by gay activists to build sympathy for their fascist movement.  There are real hate crimes out there, but there are so many fakes that I generally assume fraud until real evidence comes forward.  Matthew Shepard is certainly the gold standard.  See this site for a collection.

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