Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Feral Consumer Electronics

I know the feeling.  Your 1970s stero receiver or 19800s cathode ray tube TV gave you decades of service, and you ďon't want to just take it to the dump to be euthanized in the landfill.  But trust me, releasing it into the wild is not doing it any favors.  They turn wild.  Instead of entertaining wildlife, they grow sharp fangs and attack those not in the wild.
A month or so ago, my wife was driving down the old highwat, and she ran over a feral stereo receiver, which sunk one of its aluminum bones into her left rear tire, causing a very sudden flat.
I guess someone was taking Old Sparky to the dump, and he jumped out of the bed, where the owner decided to let it run wild.

Over the weekend, something similar happened with a 32" TV, and while dead in the road, it still scattered sharp large glass teeth from the picture tube everywhere, my wife and I cleaned up the remains on the way to the dump.

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