Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rural Idaho: Cultural Wasteland?

One of girls from church needed to practice before a live audience, so we went to her place after church today:

Home schooled.  You can see why public school teacher unions hate home schooling so much.

Some of the strange noises in the background are puppies and parrots.

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  1. She seems very talented.

    My mother's mother had a grande, or maybe baby grand, piano in her home. As far as I know, no one else in her family learned to play a piano. I don't think any of her grand kids were allowed to touch it. She was an alcoholic, and a bit of a witch. It was lost when her house burned to the foundation, due to a fire in the clothes dryer vent.

    I just remembered that one of my sisters has a piano, but I don't know if she plays it. Her daughter does. It's possible it was originally acquired as an accent for the main entryway, as there is a spot that seems to have been intended for a large object, in-between the two grand staircases that curve behind it.