Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Square Sleeve Version of the Product

This is what the square sleeve version of the ScopeRoller casters will look like for the Losmandy G-11 tripod:

Before you say anything about that last picture, I am quite sure DSM-IV excludes scientific instruments from the definition of hoarding.  And the big telescope that did not make it into the picture is only one more.


  1. My personal opinion is that those square blocks at the end of round tubes looks unfinished. Not aesthetically pleasing.

    In addition, those sharp corners and 90* angles are going to be painful to walk into, and will be more likely to cause cosmetic damage to anything they come into contact with, as they are moved around.

    Could you make them octagonal? With a large/matching bevel where those corners are? Frankly, I would be looking for a heavy wall tube, with the internal diameter that would fit those legs. Going from a cylinder to a different size cylinder would be acceptable, although I think octagonal would look better. You need a heavier mill to make bigger cuts, to speed up the process.

    Also, I'm assuming you will be changing the screws to a flush or recessed screwhead setup.

  2. Agreed they are less attractive.

    The corners really aren't sharp.

    The reason for not recessed is to make the bolts easier to tighten with any wrench.

  3. Consider changing them to socket head bolts, with counterbored holes. Add an L-wrench with the kit. Maybe add a slot or hole that would hold the wrench for storage.