Saturday, October 24, 2015

Square Tubes

I mentioned a few days ago my intention to change over from round tubes to rectangular tubes for the ScopeRoller casters , and all the advantages of doing so.  I built a square tube version for the Losmandy G-11 tripod, and it was a great success.    Much faster to make, more repeatable where holes end up, and four bolts holding it to the leg instead of three.  Less clamping force required to lock it in place, so less finish damage to the tripod legs. Unfortunately, because the local Interstate Plastics store doesn't carry 2 3/4" thick acetal, the insert was made from a 2" and 5/8" thick section, which looks bad but works fine.  This will be for my  personal scope, untuil the thicker stuff arrives from California.

 For the Vixen HAL tripods, which is what the CNC mill was for,  I will use eight bolts to secure the sleeve to the leg.  And this way I can ship these replacements a bit sooner. 

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