Sunday, October 18, 2015

And I Thought I Would Have To Calculate This

If you spend much time with academics, you probably already know whata Gini coefficient is: it is a measure of either income or wealth inequality: 0 means wealth or income are evenly distributed (progrssive utopia); 1 means that one person or household has everything and everyone else has nothing.  Even medieval kingdoms did not have Gini coefficients of 1.  For a lot of progressives, Idaho is everything wrong with conservative values, and places like Oregon and California are utopia.  So what are the Gini coefficients for income by state?  Not surprisingly Idaho is part of the most equal set of states.  For 2011: Idaho is 0.433; California is 0.471; Oregon is 0.449.  Amazing: a Republican controlled state has more income equality than states where Republicans don't matter.

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