Friday, October 16, 2015

Nice surprise

I could not find any oil change interval in the Jaguar manual.  But the service department says annually or 15,000 miles.  Synthetic oil.


  1. Those long intervals between oil changes were selling points for new vehicles. I would not wait that long.

    There is an initial oil for break-in purposes, typically, since the rings won't seat to the cylinder with synthetic oil. If not done, the engine will usually continue to burn oil.

    One of the factors you may be dealing with is that some years ago, a new oil rating was initiated for consumer automotive use. The oil was formulated to have less friction in the motor, to help raise the gas mileage of autos across the board. the downside was the motor was not expected to last as long, since the oil didn't protect moving parts as well as the previous ratings.

    The advice of the performance people was to switch to fleet rated oils, the best being turbo and diesel rated.

    I was flabbergasted last week when a friend with a 2000 M-Benz was told by the dealer that all Benz's are expected to burn oil, and that the latest dealer update was to LOWER the viscosity of the oil being used in these old vehicles! Granted, they are using Mobile-1, but there is no way in hell that I would lower the viscosity in a100k+ mile motor. Frankly, it is too low now. If it was used in the arctic, maybe.

    It's been a few years since I've heard anything about oils, and I would expect things to improve over time, but to expect a motor designed for a certain viscosity, with that sort of miles, to switch to a thinner oil just boggles the mind. I doubt they have the owners' best interest in mind.

  2. There was an oil change shortly before I bought the car (it was considered a demo). I suspect that was the break-in oil. I bought the extended warranty to 100,000 miles. I doubt that I will own the car that long, or even live that long.