Wednesday, October 21, 2015

If We Can Ignore the Second Amendment "For the Children"

Can we ignore the First Amendment as well and ban Satan worship?  From Oct. 20, 2015 LehighValleyFive:
The alleged gunman in a shooting spree that left three people dead in the Lehigh Valley told investigators a voice told him not to be so "picky" with his victims, a detective testified Tuesday.

Todd West is charged in three killings in the Lehigh Valley and four in New Jersey. (Courtesy photo)
"The voice was telling (Todd West), 'Just eat, eat, stop being so picky,'" Allentown police Detective John Brixius III testified.

When West was asked if police had the getaway car used in his crime wave, West told them he knew police had the car, "because he told him, referring to the devil," Brixius said.

The detective's account is one of an estimated 15 witnesses who are expected at a preliminary hearing, which started Tuesday afternoon and is continuing into the evening.

West, 23, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, is charged with seven killings in all -- three in the Lehigh Valley and four before that in New Jersey. Authorities have agreed to try him in the Pennsylvania cases first.
Okay, maybe a ban on Satanism would not be completely effective, but shouldn't we at least try?  Obviously, when you start hearing voices, schizophrenia is more likely than Satan.

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  1. Why not? And why stop at the first Amendment when tbere are so many other clauses that can interfere with justice. There are plenty of cases in which children were harmed because Constitutional limitations were respected. As (I think) Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Hard cases make bad law."